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Here is a very easy way to learn how to knit a hat. With Freeform Hats you will learn how to pick up any needles and any yarn and make your own hat creation that fits!

Knitting a hat should be an adventure, not a chore. A hat takes just about one skein of yarn, and can be worked up from scraps you have laying around. Sometimes you want it to be easy; you want to simply pick up some needles, grab some yarn, start knitting and see what happens. Thus… freeform hats.

If you are looking for instructions that tell you exactly how many sts to cast on, when to change colors, and what stitch pattern to use, then this is the wrong pattern for you. But if you want to learn how to figure it out as you go, and end up with a different hat each time… a hat that fits, then read on!

This knitting pattern will explore two hats that I knit on the fly. These two hats display most of the issues that come up in knitting a hat and will help you freeform your own hats.

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