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Basketweave Baby Blanket

Make a Quick Baby Blanket with Basketweave and Seed Stitch

One of the pleasures of learning to knit is to work on "mindless" knitting patterns with simple repeats. Your brain relaxes while your fingers turn out a beautiful project. Baby blankets are perfect for that! This is a quick and relaxing project with a simple basketweave pattern for the body of the blanket. Edging is picked up and knit in a double seed stitch.

Click here for: Baby Blanket

Ankle Warmers: It's that time of year when it is nice to keep the ankles warm. This floppy pair of leg warmers suits the bill, and not only that... the pattern is written so you can knit them both at the same time, one inside the other, using double knitting. It makes the project extra fun!


Freeform Hats!

The name says it all. Learn how to pick up some needles and yarn and knit a hat on the fly. This pattern opens your horizon to creating any hat you can imaging. 

Click Here

Knitting is a fun and creative craft that has been enjoyed by many through the centuries. It is a fairly easy craft to learn. Typically young girls were taught to knit by their mothers and grandmothers. Today, with so much information on the internet, it is easy to learn tto knit from information online.

We have compiled some of the best of the best for you. So be sure to return often and keep up with the many ways to learn to knit.

Knit So It Fits

We are brought to you by SpinCraft Knitting Patterns which specializes in Seamless Sweater Patterns. With the SpinCraft system you can learn to knit sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens and more and actually understand what you are knitting.

Instead of blindly walking you through gauges and number of stitches, SpinCraft Patterns teaches you how to fit it as you knit with simple measurements and calculations. So not only do you learn to do your knit stitches and patterns, but you learn how and why it all works to turn those stitches into wearable art!

At SpinCraft knitting patterns we have a very easy Free Raglan Sleeve Cardigan, and Pullover. You can make this pattern in millions of variations.

Remember... Knitting is Fun!

Learning to Knit for fun and pleasure is a great addition to anyone's life! We like to create knitting patterns that teach the knitter, whether beginner or expert, to create their own shapes and experiment. This is done by sharing the secrets of the designer's math process. If the knitter can learn WHY a knitted garment has a particular shaping, then they gain the knowledge to change that pattern to suit their needs.


But there is a risk involved - a more creative pattern means you might make a mistake and have to re-do a part of your work.

Never fear. The number one secret to the creative knitter is to learn to rip out with joy. Think of this as the Zen of knitting. One who can have calm abiding mind while ripping out their knitting is on the path to serenity in all aspects of life!

Hey, the truth of the matter is . . . when the piece you are knitting is not coming out right - better rip out now rather than later. So Here's to a joyful knitting experience even if it disappears back into a ball of yarn.

Remember always... knitting is fun... even as you struggle through the steps.

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